My First Car

I had worked for 3 months and thought the time had come to seriously consider buying a car. As is usually the case, ladies are not very keen on the workings of one apart from learning how to drive it.

Though I will admit, we can be better drivers. I talked to some of my office colleagues but they didn’t seem very helpful because of the lack of technical information that I needed. I wanted to know what suited me in terms of budget, maintenance and fuel consumption of course.

Finally, I paid a visit to the dealers who seemed to be keen on selling than explaining the features of their cars. So I decided to do some research online until I was sure of what I wanted and needed.

One thing I learnt from this experience is that women restrict themselves to a certain sphere of knowledge which is a good and bad thing as well. In the end we get short changed and only have ourselves to blame. I have realized that with gender equality, there comes greater responsibility.

Software training for work

Interesting week at work this week. I took a training class for QuickBooks. You know, the accounting software.

My boss found these QuickBooks training videos and decided I should learn the program to help out the bookkeeper. Since I had already taken a training course for Microsoft Excel I didn’t need that but I was told the QuickBooks training courseware provider also had a seminar program to help on that too.

I’m excited to see where this change takes me.

Fuel Pump

More often than not, refueling in most states of America is a DIY process.

I had just bought my first car a month ago and stopped for my first refueling process. I thought I had it all figured out but in all the excitement I forgot to remove the fuel hose from the car and proceeded to drive off.

I heard the pump owner shouting to me to stop and when I checked through the rear view, all I saw was his arms flailing.

I was in shock after realizing what I had done. When I gathered my senses, I got out of the car and proceeded to apologize and check for any further damages. Fortunately, the hose had a long extension and nothing was damaged.

To this day, I always check my rear view just to make sure that I haven’t left with the fuel station’s equipment.

Good buy Spree

I just ordered one pair of New Balance shoes and a new electric house heater. We are spending less to get a television and I want a new wrist watch.